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Some of Our Testimonials:

Dennis V. Thompson – “I am a trial consultant who has worked with many of the best and brightest trial lawyers from coast to coast over the last twenty-one years. I consider Bruce Beasley one of the best trial lawyers I have ever had the privilege of working with. If you want to be represented by the best, I highly recommend Bruce Beasley.”

Randy – “I have known Bruce since the mid 1990’s. I have had three occasions to utilize his services. First was a criminal defense case where a juvenile family member was wrongly accused of assault. Bruce resolved the issue in a timely manner and it never went anywhere. The second time was to resolve a charge of that same individual that was involved in an accident in a jurisdiction out of Fort Worth. Again, Mr. Beasley resolved the issue without any negative issues. The third occasion was about 10 years ago when my wife was rear ended by an individual going 70 miles an hour while talking on a cell phone. Again, Mr. Beasley handled the case, resulting in a settlement that covered vehicle damage and my wife’s medical bills. I wholeheartedly endorse this man! I have also referred friends to him whom he handled their cases with the same success!”

Mark– “Look no further for a great lawyer with your best interest at heart.
Bruce Beasley has tons of connections with judges and the DA office. He was always available when I had a question or needed him to do something for my case. He communicated my options very clearly and worked with me to decide on the best course for my case. If you need a lawyer look no further than Bruce Beasley. He won’t let you down.”

Albert Hughes, Genesis Jiu Jistu– “Bruce is an extremely professional guy and gave me great advice with some legal matters. I would recommend him to my friends in a heartbeat!”

Aaron – “I am one of those people that spent most of their life doing the right thing. Went out to watch a band one night and ended up in a bad situation. I found myself in a world I knew nothing about and a situation where you have no choice but get a lawyer. Bruce was recommended by a family friend which we trusted greatly, but Bruce ended up standing out all on his own. Always felt like i was getting honest answers, always felt like Bruce was going to get me the best results possible. I sat in the courtroom and listened to case after case similar to mine with results I didn’t like, Bruce was able to get me the best deal I had heard all day. If you find yourself in need of a Lawyer I would recommend Bruce for any situation. You can tell by the way the other people in the business react to him that he knows what he is doing and if you haven’t seen the legal process work the interaction between the DA and your lawyer is very important. Bruce seemed to have a great rapport with many people involved in courtroom. It was good to feel like i had the best lawyer in the room, it gave me a moment of hope as i sat there feeling like a worthless person that has made a big mistake in life,”

Anonymous– “Amazing lawyer, highly recommended. I hired Bruce Beasley as my attorney when I went through the worst experience I ever have in my life. My dad went and asked 5 of his friends if their kid got in big trouble who would they go to and they all reffered us to Bruce. He got me an outcome I didn’t even know was possible! He was so amazing. The situation I was in was very important because it could have stopped me from a lot of things in my life, but Bruce went above and beyond and kept pushing for a better outcome. He got my felony all the way to an expunction (I think that’s how you spell it, and if you don’t know what that means it means that nothing will be on my record and if I ever get put under oath I can say honestly I’ve never been convicted of a felony and that’s the truth) I was scared so Bruce also hurried the process that should have taken years so I could be at ease and make the process easier. He was there for me every step of the way. I would recommend him to anybody who was ever in trouble. I can never put in words how thankful I am for Bruce Beasley.”

Attorney Michael B Patronella ­- “I have known Bruce since 1983, our first year of college together. Bruce and I were roommates and I found Bruce to be a wonderful human being, with high ideals and a moral conviction to always to do his best and treat people with dignity and respect. After graduating from Southwestern University, Bruce went on to law school and has become a wonderful advocate for his clients. If you want someone who will out­-work, out­-think and and out hustle the other side, then Bruce is your man. I highly recommend Bruce to represent you and or a loved one. You will not be disappointed with the results!!”

Anonymous– “Wrongful Termination. I was terminated from my former employer for a disputable issue. It was a wrongful termination,costing me financially at a time that greatly effected my family in a negative manner. After consulting with Mr. Beasley, it was obvious he would be the best fit to represent me in my suit and clear my name. He treated with the utmost respect and called the situation fair / down the middle. He was able to settle the issue out of court in a professional manner that proved my case, as well as obtaining lost finances. I would highly refer Mr. Beasley to anyone seeking a attorney at a time in need.”

Ted – “I always felt like I was in great hands with Mr. Beasley! He was excellent with his knowledge of the law and his presentation skills were second to none. In a very trying time dealing with legal issues, I actually felt comfortable. I never thought for one second we wouldn’t win! Thank you Mr. Beasley, you are incredible!!!!!”

Mindy – “He took very good care of me. He kept me informed and then met with prosecutors to get me the best deal possible with my history. I would definitely recommend him to others.”

Peter – “I was referred to Mr. Beasley to assist in a very serious legal matter. I met with him and found him to be very professional yet compassionate about my situation. Our 1hr consultation lasted more like 2 hours. He was in constant communication throughout. He was always quick to respond to my calls and emails. I pray that I never need his services again but if I do I would not hesitate to use Bruce again!”

Mrs. Doe – “Mr. Beasley was professional, positive, realistic, responsive, reliable, and was in communication throughout the process. He works hard to be involved in the case, strives to create a relationship with those involved, and is very good at setting and meeting the expectations he sets forth. I was lucky to have found Mr. Beasley and more fortunate when he agreed to represent me. I am extremely grateful and would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants a professional experience.”

John – “Very knowledgeable and kept me informed. Made sure that I understood everything.”

Ryan ­- “When I found myself in a situation where I was looking at the consequences of a 2nd DWI, I knew I was going to need an extremely knowledgeable and well experienced Criminal Defense Attorney. I also wanted a lawyer who could be sympathetic to the unknown that my future had in store for me. I had done extensive research to find counsel to satisfy all these needs and when I sat down with Bruce I immediately knew that I had found the counsel that I was needing. He laid out a game plan that was honest, sincere and sometimes hard to hear, but it prepared me for what was to come. Maintaining contact with Bruce about every aspect of my case was very easy and I had that “warm inside” feeling that he really did care about his clients and their well-being. In the end, I did receive a fair outcome in my judgment, an outcome which could’ve resulted much more negatively in my case and I am so happy to have this life learning experience behind me. Thank you Bruce for your guidance throughout the whole process. To that end, I would highly recommend Bruce Beasley to anyone without hesitation!”

Attorney Mark Anderson – “I have known Bruce for over twenty years and speak very highly of his legal skills. He works very hard to make sure his clients get the best possible outcome. He is a great lawyer and I highly recommend him.”

Clay Tarver – “As a successful Hollywood screenwriter, I have worked with Bruce Beasley time and time again as a legal consultant. I’ve found him to be incredibly knowledgeable, well versed, articulate, and able to quickly get at the crux of any legal issue I’ve ever asked of him. He’s easy to talk to, prompt, available, and means what he says. Without question, Bruce Beasley gets my highest recommendation.”

Karen R – “Mr. Beasley is an EXCELLENT lawyer! I would recommend him hands down to anyone needing a criminal or injury lawyer in Fort Worth, Texas! He’s very friendly and believes in educating his clients about their situation and his experience ensures you’re going to get the best result!! Thanks!”

Attorney Eric Beal – “Bruce Beasley is an attorney you can count on. His combination of determination and skill are seen in few other attorneys. I can say without reservation that Bruce is a first rate choice for anyone wanting the very best in representation. I highly recommend BruceBeasley.”

Attorney Joe Shearin – “Bruce Beasley has proven himself to be a tireless and relentless advocate for the people he represents. The results he obtains for his clients speak directly to his legal abilities both in the criminal and civil arenas. I highly recommend Bruce for anyone seeking the best in legal representation.”

Brian Costanza ­- “I have known Bruce for five years. His professionalism and knowledge of the law is unmatched, as is his dedication and personable nature. Bruce is a great asset to the Fort Worth community and I would recommend his services with the utmost sincerity.”

Ryan S – “I have known Bruce for more than 15 years; He is a brilliant attorney and has been the key source for legal expertise for myself and my family (including my mother and father) throughout my adult life and professional career. Bruce has helped me through more than one difficult situation; He is someone you can rely on implicitly.”

Richard Stinson – “I have known Bruce for years and find him quite conscientious and efficient in his work. Bruce is a very good attorney.”

Jeffrey Rosado – “Bruce is an excellent attorney and did a fabulous job representing people close to me in some very serious situations. Thank you Bruce for bringing your “A game” to the courtroom and for getting a great result! I would highly recommend the Fort Worth, Texas law firm of Bruce Beasley!”

Attorney Patrick Berry– “Excellence in the Legal World. I would like to highly recommend Bruce Beasley for the fine legal work that he has provided to all of those individuals I have referred to him over the years. Bruce has never failed to give his utmost for his clients and achieves results that always seem to exceed expectations. When someone asks me if I know a good lawyer in the area, my response is — I know an excellent lawyer — His name is Bruce Beasley.”

Austin – “I experienced an unfortunate liable occurrence (DWI) which consequently placed myself in a legal conundrum. I was in desperate need of expertise because my situation was not going to be favorable.

I was recommended by a friend to contact none other than Bruce Beasley. From the very first conversation Bruce was insightful, knowledgeable and most importantly sensitive to my precarious situation. Before initially gathering all case facts until the day my case closed he always asked if I was comfortable with the direction my case was heading. This was reassuring and proved to me that Bruce Beasley was absolutely serving my best interest. We were in constant communication pertaining to my case and my well being. Through the entire case he clarified best to worst case scenarios and never left a question unanswered.

The initial stiff punishment offer from the D.A. was anticipated considering the magnitude of my blood to alcohol level. At the day of my court date Bruce Beasley was able to essentially REDUCE THE PENALTIES/FINES BY HALF. I was so excited I almost jumped through the roof. Understanding the punishments for this crime and testimonies from other people with the similar situation I knew I had struck a supreme deal.

Bruce Beasley’s legal acumen and 20+ years of experience far exceeds anything further I can say about the man. From my personal experience I would fully recommend his representation or counsel dealing with any legal matter.”

Michelle C– “Last year I unfortunately fell victim to a bad situation involving my ex-husband during a visitation exchange of our child. A verbal assault from my ex upon my arrival led to a physical altercation inside the home where I had to physically defend myself and child. Then outside where the physical assault against me continued while I was still holding my child because I was trying to get us away from a dangerous situation.

The first officer to the scene did not take the time or consideration to hear or understand my side of the story. I was wrongfully arrested and charged with assault family violence. The officer did not give me the opportunity to explain hardly any part of my side of the story or speak with unrelated witnesses that called the police because I was being assaulted in the front yard. What’s worse is that I sustained many bruises as well as a bruised swollen and very painful foot from being pushed around. There were no pictures taken for evidence even after I was booked in jail. This terrible situation left me scared and unsure. I risked everything to get out of an abusive marriage to make a better life for my 4 children and I only to end up going to jail defending myself.

A family friend referred me to Bruce Beasley. Incredibly scared and unsure of what was to come. I scheduled to meet Bruce before my initial hearing. After speaking with him for over an hour I felt better knowing what I could most likely expect. Bruce assured me that there is absolutely no reason why the prosecutor wouldn’t dismiss my case with all the evidence from witnesses, failed drug screenings from pain doctors of my ex-husband, and CPS case against him. Every conversation with Bruce was like talking to a good friend. He was able to get my case completely dismissed. I couldn’t recommend Bruce Beasley enough to anyone in need of his legal expertise. He is highly personal, genuinely cares for his clients, and gives knowledgeable legal advice. He’s a straight shooter and wouldn’t tell you anything that he didn’t believe in himself. His years of legal experience benefits his clients in the best way. Don’t look anywhere else for the best legal help.”

Taylor W– “Did an exceedingly good job at handling my case. Kept with me over the couple months needed to work on the case and he was able to get a possession charge completely dismissed. He was patient and was willing to explain the details of my case at length which helped provide comfort on my case proceedings as well as a valuable look into law process. I would recommend him to anyone.”

Nathanael B– “A good friend of mine referred me to Bruce because I was being falsely
accused of assault. The person (male) accusing me of striking him
was in an altercation with a an individual (female) in our parking
garage, I tried to intervene and talk the guy down and long story
short I got a bogus assault charge filed against me. I felt fairly
confident the case would be thrown out because I had 3 witnesses, plus
security camera footage that would prove I never once touched the guy.
Well unfortunately for me I was dealing with the prosecutor for the
city of Farmer’s Branch. He wouldn’t hear my side, and kept trying to
get me to “just pay the fine” and take deferred adjudication. I
refused and called Bruce. Bruce showed up and made this prosecutor
look like an ameture. Bruce caught the prosecutor in what could at
best be called a mistake, but truly showed his ineptitude. This
prosecutor had one of my witnesses listed as a witness for the
prosecution, stating that “we have a witness who will
testify she saw your client assault the plaintiff”. Bruce then pulled
out a sworn testimony from this same witness stating that I never
touched the guy. The prosecutor had misinterpreted the police report.
Bruce was proffessional, but seriously made the prosecutor look like
an ameture. In fact on the way out of the court room a woman walked up
to us and asked Bruce for his card stating “That was awesome, you’re
one hell of a lawyer!” I agree, I’d recommend him to anyone.”

Sean S– “I am a young professional with great grades, a great job, and a bright future ahead of me. I found myself in the wrong place at the wrong time and received a citation that if not taken care of right away could have threatened that future. I had no experience dealing with legal matters and began doing a lot of research on the best attorneys in Tarrant County. I was fortunate enough to find Mr. Beasley through a google search and read his already stellar reviews. After my research I decided to retain the services of Bruce, and that has made all the difference. He has a great relationship with many of the judges and DAs in Tarrant County and was able to get me a plea bargain that I don’t think any one else could. If you need legal help, you better call Mr. Bruce Beasley.”

Anonymous– “Very personalble Your NOT just ANOTHER client!! I have to say Bruce is one of the best options I have run across! Me having my first serious case being a single mom and scared beyond belief Bruce was one of the only, no the ONLY one who invested time. We NOT emailed me but called me personally from his cell phone. As if I couldn’t stress enough how scared I was Bruce was completely honest with me. Which was both terrifying but reassuring. I manage to come up with the down payment and so thankful!! I would advise anyone to him. There no amount worth someone fighting for YOU and you NOT being just a number or another case file!!”

Misty– “Excellent Attorney!!! I have witnessed Mr. Bruce Beasley in the coutroom and he is EXCELLENT! His professionalism, and dedication to his client well exceeded my expectations. I requested his card afterwards and he made himself available that weekend to communicate with me regarding a possible case. Mr. Bruce Beasely has a FANTASTIC work ethic and he really listened to my questions and concerns. He was very informative and a PLEASURE to speak with. I SINCERELY reccomedend Attorney Bruce Beasley he delivers TOP NOTCH RESULTS!”

Attorney Jeffrey Shell– “Professional review. I have known Bruce Beasley, since my undergraduate studies at Southwestern University in Georgetown. Afterwards, we went to different law schools, but I have known Bruce since he graduated from Baylor Law School. Initially, he began private practice, then went to the Tarrant County District Attorney’s office, and then returned to private practice. Bruce is capable and has the knowledge and skill to take any case before a jury. He is a friend and a trusted colleague.”

Anonymous– “Referable Lawyer- Mr. Beasley was professional, positive, realistic, responsive, reliable, and was in communication throughout the process. He works hard to be involved in the case, strives to create a relationship with those involved, and is very good at setting and meeting the expectations he sets forth. I was lucky to have found Mr. Beasley and more fortunate when he agreed to represent me. I am extremely grateful and would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants a professional experience.”