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Wrongful Death

A Champion of Fort Worth’s Wrongful Death Victims

Honoring a loved one through the pursuit of justice

The sudden and tragic loss of a loved one, whose death was due to the negligence of another, leaves the surviving family members with enormous grief and uncertainty about the future. Surviving family members are left with overwhelming emotional pain. Beyond the daunting task of arranging a fitting funeral or memorial service, lies the heavy burden of dealing with financial repercussions. Often there are questions that need answers before closure can occur. The Beasley Law Firm seeks to lessen that burden, to get the answers and help you seek justice for your loved one’s wrongful death.

A wrongful death case is first and foremost about justice. Deaths caused by the negligence of others are generally not subject to criminal sanctions. And absent a criminal investigation, often, the only means for providing a full investigation into the causes of a loved one’s death is through wrongful death civil actions.  Identifying the responsible parties can help family members find some closure. It can also help prevent the negligent party from causing the same harm to someone else.

Demanding accountability

The Beasley Law Firm pursues justice for your loved one’s wrongful death by demanding accountability from responsible parties. Years of advocacy have made us intimately aware of the difficulties our clients face. It’s our mission to demand the just and meaningful compensation our clients need — to honor the memory of their loved one and to ensure a secure financial future.

Recovering what’s need

The Beasley Law Firm draws upon its skills and resources in recovering the best outcome for our clients. We understand that no amount of money can ever adequately compensate our clients’ loss, but we work tirelessly to make sure our clients obtain all the compensation available to them.

We seek compensation for the following in your wrongful death case:

  • Funeral expenses — Funerals can be extremely costly, leaving family members without the financial resources to make appropriate arrangements without often jeopardizing their own financial security. We seek to ensure that the responsible parties bear the cost, so that you don’t suffer an undeserved financial loss.
  • Unpaid medical bills — Attempts to save the life of a badly injured person who succumbs to death can result in astronomical medical bills, severely affecting the survivors’ financial security. Our wrongful death lawyer takes the prompt and necessary legal actions to recover these expenses from responsible parties.
  • Financial support — The loss of a loved one whose financial contributions and potential future earnings are now gone can be devastating for family members, burdening them with financial responsibilities that quickly become too difficult to manage. It’s only fair that a responsible party bear the cost of this loss, which is why our firm insists on demanding compensation for the loss of a loved one’s financial contributions.
  • Loss of companionship —No amount of money can replace the loss of a loved one’s companionship. But in some matters, the law recognizes the incomplete nature of its powers and offers what it can — in the form of financial compensation.

Our wrongful death attorney seeks justice for your loss

At the Beasley Law Firm, we’re dedicated to seeking justice for the loss of your loved one. We’ve been fighting for the rights of our clients for more than 20 years. Call 817.338.1877 or contact us online to schedule your free initial consultation. We offer contingency fee arrangements, so you won’t be billed unless you receive financial compensation. Our office is conveniently located in the heart of downtown Fort Worth, easily accessible by public transportation.