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Strong Advocacy for Sexual Abuse Victims in Dallas Fort Worth

The courage to demand justice

As a former criminal prosecutor, Bruce Beasley understands that this abuse leaves deep invisible scars that are long lasting and unimaginably painful to victims. It’s often difficult for victims to believe in justice after the terrible harm they’ve suffered. Many victims of sexual abuse suffer in silence, dealing with their pain alone. But they shouldn’t have to.  Just as there are legal provisions to help protect the victim’s identity and privacy in criminal prosecution, there are also provisions under civil law, which offer similar protection. Our compassionate counsel is sensitive to the pain that sexual abuse victims endure — and driven to seek justice on their behalf.

A devastating betrayal of trust

Sexual predators often abuse those people closest to them, people who trust them and sometimes rely on them for safety. Often they place themselves in positions of authority that command trust and access to their victims. It’s a terrible form of betrayal that inflicts wounds so deep that victims need tremendous courage and sustained support to heal. While many forms of help from a variety of sources are needed to promote healing, the legal system may provide two options — criminal prosecution and civil litigation. These options don’t exclude each other — both may be pursued.

Seeking legal justice

When the criminal justice system works as it should, it serves to protect society generally, preventing the abuser from ever harming the victim or another person again, and punish the abuser. However, it isn’t designed to compensate the victims, even those victims brave enough to step forward and help in the abuser’s criminal prosecution.

The Beasley Law Firm‘s civil litigation focuses on getting clients justice in civil court proceedings. We pursue the right of our clients to demand responsibility from abusers and those who may have negligently enabled the abuse. In civil litigation, the goal is to recover the financial compensation they need to heal and move beyond the harm that’s been inflicted upon them.

Sexual abuse of children

Children are often the targets of sexual predators. We regularly place our children in the care of people we trust but when those persons betray that trust, it causes tremendous damage. Whether children are placed with clergy, teachers, coaches or daycare personnel, they have a right to be kept safe from abuse.

It can be tremendously difficult for children to discuss their abuse, though signs may appear in their behavior. They may withdraw or become suddenly prone to regressive, overly childish behavior. They may deliberately cause trouble for themselves or purposely alienate friends. There may be bed-wetting, a sudden and drastic decrease in school grades and severe reactions to being touched by other people. It’s important to get an expert medical opinion if you suspect your child is the victim of sexual abuse. It’s a crime, and it should be punished, for both the victim’s sake and society’s.

Sexual abuse of adults

Adult victims of sexual abuse, like child victims of sexual abuse, are often abused by those they trust. They may also be unable to prevent or escape from the abuse. Whether it happens in the workplace or home, it’s a crime and must be punished to keep the victim and others safe.

Our attorney can help

The Beasley Law Firm offers compassionate and dedicated counsel for victims of sexual abuse.  As a former criminal prosecutor, Bruce Beasley, understands these victims’ unique and sensitive situations.  We insist on getting justice for you. We offer contingency fee arrangements, so you won’t be billed unless you receive financial compensation. Call 817.338.1877 or contact us online to schedule your free initial consultation.