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Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries

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Providing sound counsel for serious injuries

Brain and spinal cord injuries may cause severe and permanent damage to those who suffer them. Injuries to these parts of the body may affect all its other functions, so even minor damage can have devastating, life-altering results. If you’ve suffered a brain or spinal cord injury, the Beasley Law Firm has both the experience and skill to seek the compensation you deserve.

Difficulties diagnosing brain and spinal cord injuries

Injuries to the brain or spinal cord can be difficult to diagnose and treat because what may initially appear to be minor damage may actually mask deeper impairment. Slight memory loss or confusion may be just the first symptoms of more serious problems, such as blurred or lost vision, speech problems, sexual dysfunction and unalterable changes in mood and behavior.

In some cases, the physical damage is impossible to overlook. There may be paralysis, loss of nerve function in certain areas or constant pain and discomfort. Whatever the damage, it’s likely to require regular and intensive medical treatment and affect all aspects of an injured person’s life. Our goal is to make sure those who are at fault for your or your loved ones’ injuries are held financially responsible for their negligence.

Know the full extent of damage

The Beasley Law Firm is committed to obtaining the maximum possible compensation for clients who suffer catastrophic brain or spinal injury. We know these injuries differ from others in severity and in their impact on the lives of their victims and victims’ families. If you’ve suffered such an injury, you should seek an attorney who investigates your case thoroughly and demands full responsibility from at-fault parties to recover the damages you need now and in the future and to make you as whole as possible.

To get the best results for our clients, we make it our business to:

  • Know the full medical impact of the injury — Medical experts play a critical role in determining the full impact of a client’s injuries, including the money needed to cover ongoing future medical expenses. The total implications of the injury on the client’s life must also be considered to determine pain and suffering.
  • Know the financial repercussions — Brain and spinal cord injuries may make it impossible for victims to return to their jobs or begin new careers. When appropriate, we seek the advice of experts to determine the full financial cost over the course of their lives, resulting from lost wages and lost earning capacity, as well as past and future medical expenses.
  • Know what the injuries mean to the client — When you retain us, we treat you as an individual, not a case. You are our concern. When appropriate, we’ll often create a “Day in the Life” video showing more fully what it looks like to suffer a catastrophic injury, as these videos show what words simply cannot. Our firm knows that our representation may be your only chance to get the financial compensation you need, and we fight with all we have to make that happen.

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