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Hire a Qualified Marijuana Lawyer

Marijuana laws across the United States have changed with the times, but possessing, growing or selling marijuana is still illegal in the Fort Worth area and throughout Texas. If you’ve been arrested and charged with a marijuana-related offense, it’s wise to hire an attorney who has experience handling marijuana cases.

Marijuana Laws Are Complicated

In the Lone Star State, there’s a significant difference between being charged with possession of marijuana and selling marijuana. Charges for both vary widely depending on the amount. Regardless of the amount, a marijuana conviction comes with some significant penalties. Bruce Beasley has been practicing criminal law successfully in the Fort Worth area for more than 20 years.

The Beasley Law Firm Will Fight for You

Bruce Beasley has been serving his clients for over two decades. He has the kind of experience that’s required to successfully defend you against marijuana-related charges. He knows the laws, and he knows how to protect your rights.

Although marijuana may be decriminalized in the future, it’s still illegal in Texas and under federal law. If you’ve been arrested for the possession or sale of marijuana in the Fort Worth area, the Beasley Law Firm knows how to protect your rights. Don’t gamble on an attorney who rarely handles a marijuana case. There’s no substitute for experience. Get the best representation you can. Your future depends on it.

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Being arrested for a marijuana-related offense is a scary thing. The punishment for possessing or distributing marijuana can be very steep. Fort Worth criminal defense attorney Bruce Beasley understands how the criminal justice system works. We have represented many Texans accused of marijuana possession and sale, and we’re ready to fight for you.