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Juvenile Defense

Juvenile Defense Lawyer Fort Worth

Why You Need a Juvenile Defense Lawyer

If your child is facing any type of juvenile charge, this isn’t the time to stand aside and let the State of Texas “parent” your child and teach them life’s lessons. Those that do, usually don’t have any idea what they are exposing their child to until it’s far too late. Texas juvenile law and its application have changed dramatically during the last few decades. The combined result is a Juvenile Justice System that is more aggressive and tougher than ever before and may punish your child with life long consequences that follow them even into adulthood.

A “Juvenile” is defined in Texas as a child between the ages of 10 and 16 years old. When the State of Texas charges a juvenile, the child is normally alleged to have been “engaging in delinquent conduct” by committing a criminal offense(s), as defined in the Texas Penal Code, and the child’s case is handled within the Juvenile Justice System. In certain circumstances, the juvenile Judge may certify a child to be tried as an adult. This means adult court, facing adult punishment. In other situations, the DA’s office may elect to proceed with a determinant sentence, which provides in part that upon a delinquent finding, a child faces up to 40 years in the Texas penitentiary. If your child has been arrested or is otherwise being charged as a juvenile offender, it’s essential to hire the best juvenile defense lawyer that you can afford, as quickly as possible. Juvenile cases move extremely fast. It’s not uncommon for a child to have a trial within a matter of weeks or months after being charged, so time is of the essence.

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Attorney Bruce Beasley’s continued recognition as one of Tarrant County’s “Top Attorneys” for 2013 and as a “Top 100 Trial Lawyers” in 2013 by the National Trial Lawyers, allows you to feel secure in your decision to hire the Beasley Law Firm, knowing you’ve done everything you can to protect and help your child.

Hire a Former Juvenile Prosecutor

As a former Tarrant County Juvenile Prosecutor, Bruce D. Beasley understands the intricacies of the Juvenile Justice System and the tactics that prosecuting attorneys use in juvenile cases, giving us a distinct edge in crafting a winning strategy. An AV rated attorney, Bruce Beasley has been practicing juvenile law for over 20 years. Regardless of how minor or serious your child’s charges might appear to be, your child needs and deserves the best juvenile defense lawyer you can afford to work towards the best possible result.

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