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Fort Worth, Texas Expunction Lawyer – Working Tirelessly To Help Clear Your Name

Did you know when you have been charged with a criminal offense, the arrest and charge stays on your record even if you are found not guilty? The Beasley Law Firm will work with you to expunge your criminal records and restore your good name and reputation. Our attorney understands that you simply desire to progress with your life, and clearing your record is often necessary to do this. With over 20 years of expunction legal experience in Fort Worth, the Beasley Law Firm is well versed in the expunctions process. Bruce Beasley will determine your eligibility for an expunction and guide you through the process, so that you no longer have to worry about having any criminal record associated with your case.

Even if you were told your case would not be on your “record,” all of the criminal records associated with your arrest and charge need to be legally expunged in order for this to occur. Once your records are expunged, you are no longer required to admit to even being arrested for the previous legal problem when, for example, applying for a job or a rental property. An expunction is an incredibly powerful offensive tool only available after your successful defense.

Expunction attorney in Fort Worth provides you with a brighter future

To expunge means to destroy, or in the sense of your criminal records, to wipe clean. There are various benefits to expunction. Many jobs require criminal background checks before you are hired. Likewise, many apartments require a criminal background check before processing your application. And now, with third parties and companies posting criminal records over the internet, your criminal record is more visible and accessible than ever. Even if you have a not guilty result after being charged with a crime, the mere appearance of your arrest and the charge can paint a very negative picture of you. And unless you take offensive action to expunge the matter, your arrest, charge and the final disposition (i.e. how the case ended) will remain on your “record” indefinitely. An expunction ensures that a potential employer, college, graduate school or anyone else looking through your background information does not get the wrong idea about you.

For example, the Beasley Law Firm in Fort Worth, Texas may be able to expunge your record if:

  • You were arrested and charged with an offense, but found not guilty by a judge or a jury or
  • You were arrested, but a case against you either was never filed or was later dismissed from court. In this scenario, obtaining an expunction may be possible under strict statutory requirements that can involve, among others, legal issues regarding the statute of limitations in your case. The statute of limitations in Texas is generally two years for misdemeanors, and it varies for felony offenses, depending on the offense.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Please be aware there are some relatively recent statutory changes that may offer NEW relief and options that were not available under prior Texas law. This means the Beasley law Firm may be able to help clear your record, even if you’ve been previously told there was nothing that could be done.

Work with the Best Criminal Defense Attorney in Fort Worth, Texas to determine if you are eligible for an Expunction and file the proper legal documents so you may enjoy having a clean record once again.

Contact Fort Worth’s top expunction attorney Bruce Beasley today for questions about the expunction process or to schedule a free initial consultation, by calling the Beasley Law Firm at 817.338 1877, or email us by clicking on the “Email Us” tab. The firm is conveniently located in the heart of downtown Fort Worth, Texas. Service in Spanish is available for Fort Worth’s Spanish speaking persons.